Bruce Springsteen au Stone Pony : un benefit show de 27 chansons !

Bruce Springsteen a chanté pas moins de 27 chansons hier soir 23 janvier 2010 au Stone Pony d’Asbury Park pour un benefit show au profit de la Ranney School.

24 heures après le Téléthon pour Haïti, le Boss est décidément infatigable !

Ci-dessous, la setlist et quelques infos mises en ligne par Stan Goldstein sur le forum BTX.

The annual Ranney School Benefit took place Saturday night at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park.
I was not there but a friend filled me in who said it was an incredible show. Said « Bruce was on fire » and he didn’t want to leave the stage, he was having such a good time.

Actor Hugh Jackman and NBC News anchor Brian Williams were at the show.

Once again Bruce was backed by Bobby Bandiera’s band with three horn players. Patti Scialfa was there and Southside Johnny joined in on several songs.

1. 634-5789
2. Out in the Street
3, Cover Me
4. Seven Nights to Rock
5. Spirit In the Night
6. Talk to me (with Southside Johnny)
7. Proud Mary (with Southside Johnny).
8. Tell him (Patti Scialfa lead vocals)
9. Two Hearts
10, Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
11. You Really Got a Hold on Me
12. Radio Nowhere
13. Waitin ‘ On a Sunny Day
(Bruce calls tequila : « New Jersey Holy Water « )
14. Sherry Darling
( Bruce said: for Asbury Park . He did a lyric change: Stuck in traffic on Kingsley Avenue . Also Southside Johnny trying to play Bruce’s guitar and Bruce saying that Southside doesn’t know how to play guitar).
15. The Fever (with Southside Johnny)
16. Darlington County
17. Pretty Woman
18. Brilliant Disguise
19. The Boy From New York City (Patti lead vocals)
20. Pink Cadillac
21. Dancing in the Dark
22. Having A Party (with Southside Johnny)
23. Detroit Medley (with Southside Johnny)
24. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Bruce came off the stage and sat down at the front bar and then went through the audience).
25. Glory Days
26. Higher and Higher
27. Twist and Shout

My friend also added: Bruce and Southside were sharing the mic a lot more than usual, Bruce said, « Southside Johnny, he doesn’t want to go home and he won’t go home, » and Southside said, « Why should I? … This is home. »


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