Bruce Springsteen en concert le 29 janvier 2011 pour la Ranney School au Stone Pony

Décidément accro aux charity concerts, Bruce Springsteen était hier soir au Stone Pony d’Asbury Park pour un show au profit de l’école Ranney.

Ci-dessous, la setlist détaillée fournie par Fabrice sur le forum LOHAD.

Pour le concert annuel en faveur de l’école Ranney :

# Bruce Springsteen Ranney School Benefit is underway.

#1 First Song: Working on the Highway… Max Weinberg on drums… Southside Johnny there

# 2nd song: Lucky Day

# 3 Bruce Springsteen benefit show in Asbury Park, 3rd song: 634-5789 19

#4 Cool, Bruce is playing songs from « The Promise »: Gotta Get That Feeling

#5 Seven Nights To Rock.

#6 Spirit In the Night. Springsteen photographer Danny Clinch at the Pony taking pictures.

#7 Growin’ Up

#8 Working On A Dream…. Southside Johnny and Danny Clinch were onstage during Spirit In the Night

#9 Midnight Hour…. Seems like some songs are played every year at these benefits.

#10 Talk To Me.. Bruce doing a lot of cool dance moves… He’s wearing the same plaid shirt he wore at the Light of Day show two weeks ago.

#11 Save My Love

Doing shots onstage

#12 Darlington County,

#13 Fever with Southside Johnny

#14 Dancing In the Dark ( Bruce’s Mom dancing with him on Dancing in The Dark! )

# 15 Pink Cadillac

#16 I Don’t Want to Go Home w/ Southside Johnny,

#17 Cadillac Ranch

#18 Fourth of July Asbury Park ( Sandy )

#19 Glory Days with two teachers joining Bruce on stage

#20 10th Ave. Freeze-Out

#21 Havin’ a Party (with Southside Johnny)

#22 Born to Run

#23 Rosalita

#24 Come a Little Bit Closer with Southside Johnny into
#25 Twist and Shout

#26 Detroit Medley

27 Final song: Thunder Road acoustic, (Bruce likes that version lately)…. Show over at 10:10 p.m… Started at 7:22.. Show runs 2:48


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