La setlist du concert de Bruce Springsteen et Joe Grushecky à Pittsburgh le 3 novembre 2011

Voici la setlist du concert de Bruce Springsteen et Joe Grushecky à Pittsburgh le 3 novembre 2011 (source : BTX via Open All Night).

Bruce Springsteen et Joe Grushecky, Pittsburgh, 3/11/11 - photo Hilde Vandebroek

Bruce onstage at 7:55pm ET

With the opening act, « The Composure »:

1. Dancing in the Dark

Back out at ~~ 8:33pm ET

1. For You (solo acoustic)
2. Land of Hope and Dreams –> People Get Ready coda (solo acoustic, told story of song’s origin in 1999, dedicated to Danny’s mom Connie)
3. I’ll Work for Your Love (solo acoustic, Bruce tells story of how in Atlanta he was fooling around in the studio with some chords, and Brendan said « Stop, that’s a Bruce song, » and thus the music for the song was born. Bruce then nearly starts song in wrong key.)

Now joined by Grushecky and the House Rockers

(Stan says Bruce not on stage for: Everything is Going to Work Out Fine, Swimming with the Sharks –> Boom Boom)

4. Atlantic City
5. Never Be Enough Time
6. Another Thin Line
7. Because the Night
8. I’m Not Sleeping
9. Two Hearts (with Johnny Grushecky)
10. Save My Love
11. Code of Silence
12. Johnny 99 (with an Open All Night-esque keyboard interlude and drum break towards the end)
13. Talking to the King
14. Waitin’ on a Sunny Day (Bruce jumps into audience, stands on seats)
15. Homestead
16. Murder Incorporated
17. Fire (song had a guest vocalist, I believe)
18. Pumping Iron (major jam session, very long version, solos all over the place)
19. Light of Day (including the 1000 miles, 2000 miles bit a la « Live in New York City »)

End of main set, Bruce said instead of going off and coming back on they’ll just stay on.

20. The Promised Land
21. Glory Days (Bruce let crowd sing most of the last verse. He then wanted the house lights turned up, begged and pleaded for them, said they wouldn’t finish the song until the house lights were turned on, and started a « Turn ‘Em Up, Turn ‘Em Up » refrain until they finally were.)

Bruce: « I’m too tired but Joe’s got one left in him. »

22. Down the Road a Piece –> Band intros –> Wipeout –> Band Intros (including an intro of Bruce) –> Down the Road

23. Thunder Road (solo acoustic)

End: 11:17pm ET.

Source BTX

Quasi 3h de show!


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