Le concert de Bruce Springsteen à Pittsburgh le 4 novembre 2011 : setlist et vidéo

Voici la setlist du concert de Bruce Springsteen et Joe Gruschecky à Pittsburgh le 4 novembre 2011, commentée par Stan Goldstein, qui avait la chance d’assister à ce concert exceptionnel d’une durée de trois heures.

Ci-dessous, la fin du concert en vidéo.


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Surprise Surprise & Thunder Road – Bruce Spring…, posted with vodpod

When Bruce Springsteen said « I haven’t played this one on the (acoustic) guitar before » and then played his 1973 classic « Incident on 57th Street » for his second song of Friday night’s show in Pittsburgh, fans at the Soliders and Sailors Hall had a feeling it was going to be one of those legendary nights. And yes indeed it was.
Bruce, along with Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers, played an incredible three-hour-and-20 minute show with 33 songs, that had the 62-year-old Springsteen playing the role of the Energizer Bunny and not wanting to leave the stage.
Many of the fans I talked to after the show were just buzzing at what an evening it was and has us all looking forward to a 2012 tour..

Springsteen’s first appearance of the night was again with the opening act The Composure when he played « Dancing In the Dark » for the band’s finale.

Show began at 8:37 p.m. with Bruce on the acoustic guitar.
« Good evening. Round Two Pittsburgh! » said Bruce wearing a black-and white checkered shirt.

1. Your Own Worst Enemy (solo acoustic guitar)

2. Incident on 57th Street (solo acoustic guitar)
Bruce said this was a request from Joe Grushecky and that he had « never played it on (acoustic guitar) before. »
Just an incredible version. Beautifully done. The crowd was singing along on the « Those romantic young boys » and « Good night, it’s all tight Jane » parts.
« Good call Joe Grushecky, » Bruce said at the end of the song. The sold-out crowd couldn’t agree more.

3. I’ll Work for Your Love (solo acoustic guitar)
Before the song, Bruce was saying that people had flown to Pittsburgh from « the four corners of the world. Just like people from the four corners of the world come to Asbury Park. They’re all in Pittsburgh. I’ve seen fans from Sweden, Italy and Spain. » Bruce then asked who was from Pittsburgh (a lot of applause) and who was from New Jersey (seemed like even more applause). « Whether Pittsburgh or New Jersey, I have a crazy obligation. Here’s to all of you who made the journey. »

Joe Grushecky and the Houserockers came out to play two songs
4. East Carson Street
5. Swimming With the Sharks (with a little Boom Boom mixed in).

Bruce back onstage

7. Darkness on the Edge of Town
8. Never Be Enough Time
9. Another Thin Line

10. Because the Night
Another highlight of the show for the second straight night. Grushecky shared some of the lead vocals with Bruce who was jamming away on the guitar.

11. Radio Nowhere.
Very nice to hear this.

12. I’m Not Sleeping
« Another one we wrote together, » Bruce said referring to Grushecky. They shared lead vocals.

13. Two Hearts
Once again Johnny Grushecky in the Steve Van Zandt role of sharing the vocals with Bruce.

14. A Good Life
A Grushecky song. At one point Joe and Bruce tried to get the crowd to sing along and Bruce joked « that’s terrible, that’s bad, that’s disgraceful for Pittsburgh. That sucks.
Let the professionals handle it. »

15. Code of Silence

16. Waiting on a Sunny Day
Bruce jumped into the crowd for a second straight night. He had the crowd sing along.
17. Johnny 99
18. Save My Love

19. Talk to the King
Good jam with Bruce and Joe

20. Adam Raised A Cain
Nice to see this in the set list. As always great guitar work by Bruce.

21. Pumping Iron
Bruce, Joe and Danny Gochnour of the Houserockers had a great guitar jam.

22. Light of Day
As my friend Ted texted me during this song « Blistering guitar intro by Bruce. » Yes it was.

End of main set


23. Hungry Heart
This was a train wreck. The chord change got messed up and just wasn’t very well played. Bruce did go into the crowd again.

24. The Promised Land
Start got screwed up and Bruce had to recount off the intro again.

25. Glory Days
Bruce had the crowd singing along. He joked toward the end « we got to go home now. I got a cheeseburgery waiting for me in my hotel room. »

26. Down the Road Apiece
Bruce, Joe and Danny jumped down in the front row to jam and then Bruce brought up three little girls on stage.
Joe introduced the band and said for Bruce « From Asbury Park, New Jersey, the Asbury Park Flash, the heavyweight champion of the world: Bruce Springsteen »
Bruce did a boxers pose, jumped up on the drum riser and then took his shirt off (he had a white undershirt underneath).

27. Brown Eyed Girl
Joe Grushecky’s wife and daugther came onstage to sing along.
Bruce and Joe had the crowd singing along too on the « sha la la » parts.

This is where the show took off to another stratosphere. Bruce and Joe didn’t want to sto and they gathered together to figure out what else they could play.
Bruce said « I got one » and they played:

28. Pink Cadillac
A lot of fun. During the « we don’t have to drive it part » Bruce said « Don’t worry Al Gore. »
The crowd was singing and waving along.

29. Twist and Shout
The houselights came on and so did about 20 women and a few girls onstage.
Joe brought his wife and daughter back on stage and started bringing other women up too.
Bruce says « we got complete strangers up here » so he invited some more women to come on stage.
It was a big party with my good friend Kim Skaggs of Chicago having a major thrill by singing right alongside Bruce.

Joe and the Houserockers left the stage and Bruce came back out with the acoustic guitar

30. No Surrender
Bruce sang this for some fans in the balcony who had a sign and a birthday request.
Many thought the show might be over but Bruce kept playing to the delight of all.

31. Does This Bus Stop
Bruc said « I wrote this song on a bus many years ago. »

32. Surprise, Surprise
Before the song Bruce said « I’ll be out of here in a minute » has the crowd encouraged him to keep going.
He then said « I’ll expaling songwriting to you.
In my dreams I write the greatest songs ever written. And the next moring I wake up and the songs are total ****.
I Think this is the one in my dreams and I get up and play it and it’s horrendous.
But one was good. In 45 years, this one was good. And I’m going to play it for the first time without a band. »
Bruce has the crowd singing along. At the end, he wished a happy birthday to the fan who requested it.

33. Thunder Road
Bruce said « I’ll leave you witgh this. It’s been a lot of fun. I love this room. I want to thank Joe and the Houserockers and the whole Grushecky family. »
Bruce brought out Joe to sing it with him.
The audience sang along during the song and especially on the final « It’s a town full of losers and we’re pulling out of here to win. »

Show over at 11:56 p.m.

The 2,200 plus at the Soliders and Sailors Hall in Pittsburgh left the the show as winners as they got to witness a legendary night of music.
So when will that 2012 tour start Bruce? We can’t wait.


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