Bruce Springsteen en campagne pour Barack Obama dans l’Ohio et l’Iowa

Bruce Springsteen a participé le 18 octobre 2012 à deux meetings en faveur de Barack Obama dans l’Ohio et l’Iowa.

Clinton and Springsteen come to Ohio. Photo : WEWS


A Parma, dans l’Ohio, c’est l’ex Président Bill Clinton qui l’a présenté au public. D’où ces bons mots : « c’est comme si je passais sur scène après Elvis », et « si j’avais su, j’aurais apporté mon saxophone ».

Le site officiel de Bruce Springsteen propose un excellent compte-rendu de ce meeting, suivi par 3000 personnes et au cours duquel il est revenu sur les raisons de son soutien à Barack Obama, déjà explicitées la veille sur son site (lire notre post ici).

Along with being thankful that GM is still making cars (“What else would I write about?!” ) he specifically noted universal health care, a more regulated Wall Street, women’s rights and the protection of Roe v. Wade, as well as concerns about the widening disparity in wealth among our citizens:

That’s a disparity that I believe our honorable opponents’ policies will only increase and that threatens to divide us into two distinct and foreign nations, until many of us are going to end up like a song I wrote in the 1980s, “Jackson Cage”: “just the scenery in another man’s play.” If we marginalize so many of our citizens, their talents, their energies, their voices will go unfound and unheard. We will lose their contributions to this great land of ours; we will impoverish ourselves and set ourselves on the road to decline. So their opportunities must be protected, and I think President Obama understands this.

Wrapping up his stump speech and moving toward the second song, “The Promised Land,” Springsteen quoted his own “Long Walk Home,” from 2007′s Magic: “I believe [Obama] has got the strength, the commitment, and the vision… to carry the standard forward toward a country where, as I’ve written, ‘nobody crowds you, and nobody goes it alone.’”

After “Promised Land,” still in a relaxed mood, Springsteen said that “occasionally I get a call from the President, with various things to discuss. Last week, he said, ‘Bruce, I don’t have a campaign song! Mitt Romney, some country guy wrote a song for him, but me, nothing!’” So Bruce introduced a short, whimsical song he wrote for this occasion, based on Obama’s re-election campaign slogan: “Forward.” The lyrics included such couplets as, “Smilin’ Joe he really brought the drama / Tuesday, Romney got schooled by Obama,” referring to the recent debates; he instructed the crowd to chant Obama’s slogan, “Forward!” after each line. And chant they did, nearly overpowering Springsteen himself.

Sur le plan musical, ce concert a été notamment marqué par la première version live acoustique de We Take Care Of Our Own, et par la première d’une nouvelle chanson satirique écrite pour la campagne, Forward.

Voici la setlist de Parma, suivie par celle de Ames, dans l’Iowa.

Acoustic Setlist (Parma, Ohio)

1. No Surrender
2. Promised Land
3. FORWARD (joke campaign song)
4. Youngstown
5. We Take Care Of Our Own
6. This Land Is Your Land
7. Thunder Road

Read more: Blogness on the Edge of Town – Bruce Springsteen

Setlist Ames (Iowa)

Start time: 5:36

1. No Surrender
2. Promised Land
3. Forward
4. The River
5. We Take Care Of Our Own
6. Thunder Road

End Time: 6:10


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