Le speech de Bruce Springsteen aux Musicares Awards (la vidéo et le texte intégral)

Voici la vidéo du discours de Bruce Springsteen aux Musicares Grammys du 8 février 2013.

Ci-dessous, une transcription du texte (source : Dom sur Open All Night).

Thank you, thanks a lot. It’s kind of a freaky experience the whole thing. This is the Italian wedding Patty and I never had, some huge bar mitzvah. Your life does kind of pass and John Legend made me sound like Gershwin, I loved that. Neil Young made me sound like the Sex Pistols, I loved that.

What a night, quite a night. It makes me proud to be a musician.

 We’re here tonight with my Mum, she’s 87, she’s here with me. My sister, it’s her birthday. Happy Birthday, sis ! Our lovely daughter is with me tonight, her boyfriend, and Franky and Marianne, my cousins who raised our children with us. Thank you Franky and Marianne for being here with me. You got to walk that red carpet. That was fun! And Patty, what can I say? 25 years we’ve been together. Love you. Love you.

 I’m glad that you could all share this night with me.

 I’m glad to be here for Musicares. It’s a great organization that takes care of musicians. They take care of the people who’ve taken care of us, with their voices and with their songs, with their blood, their sweat and tears and with their lovely and great artistry, the people whose music have inspired us and soothed our broken hearts, angered us, whose music we got married to, divorced to. Music that’s been with us on our blackest days, stood by us in war and peace, made us laugh, made us be strong, helped us not be stupid, and formed us and loved us. Music, do you believe in magic? There is no faith required, none whatsoever, because it’s all like this evening, like here in front of you. I’ve seen it. I’ve been a part of the miracle of music. I’ve seen people tired, depressed and weary, worn out, so low. And I’ve seen them revived, rise from their seats and dance. The Taliban will never win; not now or not ever, not here, not in Tombuctu by banning music and dancing. Don’t tell them! The minute you do that, you label yourself a tyran and your cool days are numbered. The minute Tombuctu was liberated, what did people do? They played music and they danced. And I was so happy to read that in the paper. I was happy for them, and happy for us. Vive la France!

 You can’t triumph without music, because music is life, music is the birds singing, the weeds rustling in the fields, streaming in the wind, through the leaves of that tree that was in the backyard of your childhood home, the earth and the stars rolling through the heavens at night. Before a man or a woman heard their name, their heard music. They heard the wind rushing past their eardrums, the grasses humming with insects, the birds knocking and rocking in the trees.

 Thank you Musicares for taking care of musicians because we are bad with our money, we spend it too freely and on too many stupid things, we drink it away, we do drugs, we love too many and the wrong people. We are the wrong people! We fuck up many people’s lives, many people’s lives. We love setting fire to our home dancing down the street. We are a brother and sisterhood of magical fuck-ups! And we need you because once in a while, we get it right and then we sing about it and we sing about it and we are musicians. Take me for instance, I am here tonight under totally false pretenses because whatever philanthropy I’ve ever done, it usually just involved me playing the guitar, making a few bucks and bringing some attention to the folks that are really doing the work, should not count really much. I was gonna be playing the guitar any way. And actually, I’m here tonight because last year, Mr. Landau my manager, called me up and said: “Boss, what do you think about opening the Grammy’s this year with your new song?” And we had a new record, I thought it was one of the best records that I had ever made and so I wanted to promote it, right? And I said: “That sounds great!” He said “I’m gonna call Ken Ehrlich right now”. He’s the Grammy’s producer. I met him maybe back in 1996 when I sang The Ghost Of Tom Joad and he had me under like 10 thousands lights that looked like I was going to be abducted by aliens, but anyway I said: “Go ahead, call Ken !” John calls back the next day and says: “Ken loves the song and he would love to have a 63-year-old man open the Grammy’s and… and would you like to be Musicares person of the year?” I’m pretty sure he said “and”, though he might have said “if”. He might actually have said “if you would be musicares person of the year”, or he might have said “and”, and then he left a very long pause so that the “and” became “if” while it was hanging out there. And he said: “we’re gonna be out there anyway for you to pick up your Best Album Award” (cause we are optimists). So even though I had gathered all of these people, some of my great heroes, all these new youngsters, here tonight, these fabulous musicians, the evening already had its origins in a mercenary promotional opportunity. But it’s a great night anyway because people played music.

 So I’ve had one of the loveliest nights in my life tonight! I got to auction. Somehow really the circle is a strange thing. Ben Harper had Charlie Musselwhite playing with him on harmonica. I opened for Charlie Musselwhite in a little club in San Francisco -he will not remember me- when I was my daughter’s age. And I have Patty Smith here in my life again. I’ve always called that song “our song”. But really, it’s her song. I would have never finished it. I did not have a story and the beautiful story of Fred’s telephone call and if I had finished it I would’ve never had a hit with it and you gave me one of my greatest things. I played that song almost every night, so it’s your song and I thank you for being here all along with all the other musicians. That’s the humbling thing, I mean that’s wonderful to see people come up and sing your music, young musicians.

Musicians, like the great musicians, that are gathered here tonight are a group of people, always in search, born searchers, born to get lost because that’s 98 % of it and then suddenly you’re home. All people are always in search of the power that sustain the best of ourselves and to seek out the best in you, our fans and our audience. We want to be great. Like Neil says in his book: be great or be gone. We want to be great. We want to be important in your life. That was all that mattered to me. I didn’t care if I was gonna make it rich or be famous but I wanted to be great, more than anything else. I wanted to be important in your life. Because you keep us in search of the force that reignites our gifts, our ability to make you want to move, to dance, to love, to make love, to be angry, to act. When we play, we want the hair to stand up on your arms. We want you to feel the glory. We want you to be glad of being alive and really at the end of the day that’s all there is to it.

My fellow musicians, young and old tonight: thanks for taking care of me, for taking care of my songs this evening. I’ll never forget it and I owe each and every one of you one. You make me feel like “person of the year”.

Now give me that damn guitar!!!!


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