La setlist du 1er concert de la tournée The River de Bruce Springsteen

Le premier concert de la tournée The River 2016 de Bruce Springsteen s’est déroulé le 16 janvier au Consol Energy Center de Pittsburgh. Au cours de ce show, Bruce Springsteen a repris Rebel Rebel, un classique de David Bowie, en hommage au chanteur anglais disparu voici quelques jours.

Ci-dessous, la vidéo de Rebel Rebel.

Et voici la setlist de ce concert, avec quelques liens pour d’autres vidéos. Source : Bruce Springsteen Live Tour Blog


Rebel Rebel
Because The Night
Brilliant Disguise
The Price You Pay


Big Boss Man as intro music

1. Meet Me In The City
Introduces The River album
2. The Ties That Bind
3. Sherry Darling
4. Jackson Cage
5. Two Hearts (W/ It Takes Two ending)
6. Independence Day
7. Hungry Heart (Video #1 clip) (Video #2) (Video #3)
8. Out in the Street
9. Crush On You
10. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
11. I Wanna Marry You (W/ Here She Comes intro)
12. The River (Video #1 clip)
13. Point Blank (Video #1)
14. Cadillac Ranch
15. I’m A Rocker
16. Fade Away
17. Stolen Car
18. Ramrod
19. The Price You Pay
20. Drive All Night
21. Wreck on the Highway
22. Badlands
23. Wrecking Ball
24. Backstreets (Video #1 clip)
25. Because The Night
26. Brilliant Disguise (Video #1 clip)
27. The Rising
28. Thunder Road (Video #1 Jake’s solo clip)


29. Rebel Rebel (Video #1) (Video #2 nice) (Video #3) (Video #4) (Video #5 clip)
30. Bobby Jean (Video #1)
31. Dancing in the Dark
32. Born To Run (Video #1 clip)
33. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
34. Shout (Video #1)

Brucebase entry for this concert: 2016-01-16 – CONSOL ENERGY CENTER, PITTSBURGH, PA

– “Rebel Rebel” is a song by David Bowie, released in 1974 as a single and on the album Diamond Dogs. Cited as his most-covered track, it was effectively Bowie’s farewell to the glam rock movement that he had helped pioneer. More info


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